Spring Cleaning Your Home

Posted on 02. Apr, 2014 by in Life

A clean home is not only habitable but also gives a good impression about whom you are when friends and guests come to visit. Therefore, it is always important to make sure that your house is clean regardless of the season. Regular cleaning of your home also helps to make it safer for living.  Research has proved that cleaning your house on a regular basis helps to get rid of disease causing micro-organisms thereby preventing diseases.
When you are cleaning your home in spring or during any season of the year, you have to make sure that you are getting everything right. Spring is perhaps the most ideal time of the year for you to carry out your general cleaning chores. Here is how you can achieve that.
Segregate the Items
First and foremost, you need to take your time and segregate your items.  You have to put the dirty clothes in a laundry bin and make sure you wash them immediately. If you come across any garbage, you have to dispose it off in the right manner.  You can also get boxes and segregate your items based on use. This will help to keep your items even more organized.
Cleaning Up
Once you have the boxes set aside, you can embark on the serious cleaning job.  You can remove the frames that you have hanged on the walls and wipe off dirt if there is any. Basically, you are trying to make sure that every element is properly cleaned within your living space. As for the case of the shelves, you can start wiping and brushing from the top level as you work your way downwards.  You also have to make sure that the cleaning solution is right for the surface that you are wiping.
Clean All Cushioned Items
Many people choose to ignore cushioned items.  You can therefore start by vacuuming your cushion in order to get rid of dander, loose skin and hairs.  Vacuuming also helps to get rid of bedbugs that reside in the upholstery.  Many vacuums in the modern day feature the upholstery attachment which might prove quite useful in this case.
Do Not Forget these Areas
The floors sometimes get overlooked. You can take time and move your furniture so that you can perfectly clean the floor areas that were covered before.  This is an easy task to accomplish with your vacuum cleaner and mop.  Just make sure that you are using the right solution for cleaning purposes.  If you have a carpet you can take it to a professional cleaner who will take good care of it.  By going this, you will achieve a perfect clean for your house. These are tasks that don’t require of you to get professional assistance. Also, don’t forget the outdoors. Pick up the yard, clean the sides/backs of the house, clean the deck and patio, etc. Consider hiring a pressure washing company to help clean surfaces such as wood and concrete to make them look like new. Clean the outsides of the windows. They’re sure to have picked up a lot of dirt over the winter so give them a good scrub.

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