Protecting Your Family with Alarm System Monitoring

Posted on 30. Sep, 2014 by in Family, Home

While having a home security system provides safety for you and your family, to ensure complete protection you need to work with a professional and reliable alarm system monitoring company. This unique combination of services will ensure that your home is completely protected, and that you and the authorities are notified within seconds of trouble. Here are just some of the benefits of working with Alarm Relay, a leading central monitoring service for over a decade.

When you visit and choose a service that is right for you, there is no longer any worry about your home and family being adequately protected. Anything that is currently tied into your home security system is eligible for monitoring. This means if any windows or doors are opened when the system is armed, the specialists at Alarm Relay will contact you and the authorities within seconds. No other company can provide such lightning fast response time day and not, every single day of the year. Twenty-four hours a day, your home is protected under the watchful eye of the Alarm Relay staff.

When a home is on fire, every second counts in getting the authorities notified and help on the way. If your sprinkler system is currently part of the home security system, you can easily add that service to your monthly Alarm Relay account. For pennies a day, you have the ability to add an alarm system monitoring company to your existing account, ensuring that the authorities are notified the instant the alarm is triggered. Technicians are manning the monitoring systems around the clock, so you never have to worry if your home is not being watched.

Regardless the type of alarm system you currently have, the Alarm Relay system easily works with the majority of them. One of the added benefits of working with these professionals, they will even notify you if the electricity were to go out in your home. Even in the event of a power failure, the Alarm Relay team are still paying close attention to everything going on within your home for you. The Alarm Relay team will provide you several ways to be notified of an alarm if you are currently away from the home. Simply access your account at and choose from cell phone or e-mail notification.

In the event you will be away without access to either, this is never a problem that you need to be concerned about. Simply notify one of the staff and give them any and all instructions as to where the notifications need to be sent in that case. Regardless if it is a family member, or your work, we will make certain your instructions are followed to a tee and that the appropriate parties are all notified if any of the alarms are tripped.


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