It’s Not Just For Headlights Anymore

Posted on 27. Oct, 2014 by in Vehicles

You’ve most probably heard the old saying, “Someone or some thing is Not the brightest bulb in the box.” right? Well, regardless of what bulb of ours you choose, you will never find one that is dull. Every single one of our bulbs a bright bulb.

Established in 2005 and located in Bellingham, WA, VLEDS quickly emerged as an industry leader in the automotive replacement “light emitting diode” or “LED” bulb. Using technology way ahead of its time, they quickly became one of the largest name brands in LED lighting worldwide.

Not only will you find the best(and brightest) bulbs on the market today, but they also provide the largest selection. And we’re not just referring to the headlights anymore.

You heard right. While most people think of the LED light for the car as being only used for the headlights, VLeds has again thought outside the box and taken this technology to another level. LED bulbs are not just for headlights anymore.

These accessory bulbs brighten new areas of your car both inside and out. Different sizes fill the needs of many common areas of the car. With these in place, your car takes on a whole new feeling and look of elegance.

(Drum roll, please!) Introducing, the LED light bulb for places other than just the headlights on your car. VLEDS offers the 194, 168 and 158 LED bulb enhancing both the interior and exterior areas of your vehicle.

The 194 LED bulb makes the turn-signal and brake lights look like none other. The 158 assists with the brightening of those dark places such as your glove-box and the trunk.
You will never have to grope around again trying to find what you want with only those little dull factory blubs.

And last but not least, a 168 LED bulb placed in the dome light adds the needed visibility to enter and exit the car safely when the doors are opened. They also are great map lights. In addition to their use in the interior, the 168 LED bulb can be outside shedding new light on the license plate.

Certainly all this new lighting adds beauty to your car, but that isn’t the single reason you should consider adding it. LED bulbs also add to the safety of your vehicle. You will not only be the “brightest bulb” on the road, you will also be much safer when you are well lit.

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