How to Choose a Solar Energy Provider

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po2d21gu6Going solar is a wise choice for any homeowner. It can reduce your energy bill 20 to 30 percent and reduce your carbon footprint. If you have questions about solar power, check out a solar energy company in your area, like Vivint Solar, to get more information about going solar. Here are some tips on choosing a solar energy provider.

Reputation, Reviews and References

First, check with friends, coworkers and family members to find out if anyone has had solar panels installed or knows someone who had that done. You may consider checking with the Better Business Bureau to see ratings and find out about any complaints about companies in your area. You could also ask the company for references from their customers or check out reviews online.

Get Information about Solar Panels and Installation

A good solar installer will have plenty of information about different types of solar panels and can explain installation processes and costs. They should be able to give you accurate estimates on installation as well as energy savings. When you are talking with a solar energy provider, make sure they listen well and seem to care about your needs.


You definitely want to choose a company with some experience, since they will be installing equipment on your roof and working with your electrical system. Make sure they are insured and licensed in your state. When you talk with a solar power company, notice how they respond to your questions. They should be able to explain in simple terms what a solar system entails and they should have a high level of professionalism.

Multiple Quotes

If there are several solar installers in your area, you should get a few free quotes. Check on their websites to see if that can be done online. If a company responds to you quickly, that may give you an idea of their responsiveness and an indicator of how well the installation process will go.


With experience comes information, so ask if they know about all the possible incentives of installing solar. Incentives will not be the same in all states, counties, cities or with all energy providers. It is their job to know this, not your job to research the incentives. A good solar installer will know about all the incentives and will also file all the paperwork for you.


The warranty on the solar panels themselves is typically between 25 and 35 years and covers the performance of the silicon cells. Ask if the company offers any additional warranties on other parts of the panels, especially inverters. Inverters convert the solar power to AC power and warranties on these usually last between 5 and 10 years.

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