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Families who own pets understand too well how expensive it can be throughout the year to keep them safe and healthy. Unlike children your pets can not tell you what is hurting them, and a trip to the veterinarian can often set you back a few hundred dollars just for a consultation and checkup. When you have to pay for medication you can expect the bill to double. Families that have more than one pet are likely to be spending a significant amount of money each year on pet supplies alone. Here are some of the best ways to finding deals on pet supplies online and save your family a tremendous amount of money.

One of the biggest misconceptions about bringing your pet to the veterinarian is that you are obligated to purchase all the pet supplies from them. While it is a convenience to getting those supplies at the moment that you are sitting in the waiting room, it also comes with a premium. The vet will most certainly mark up the cost of the name brand supplies before they sell them to you. This simply increases the cost of your visit even further. While it is important to make certain you are getting certain medications for a sick pet as soon as possible, there are some ways you can save money by looking elsewhere to get some of the pet supplies.

When you visit the veterinarian and they tell you that you need flea and tick drops, flea collars, or heart worm pills, these are not items that you need in an emergency right there in the office. These items are only manufactured by a few different legitimate companies, and chances are the brand name that your vet is going to sell you is available online at one of the many pet supply websites. The difference with buying them from your vet and buying them online is the price online is going to be significantly less. You are paying for the exact same package, same medicine, same manufacturer. The websites also offer free shipping when you purchase a certain amount of product. So if you need flea collars, sprays, and medication for your pets, your shipping is free and your cost is going to be much less than at the vet.

Finding deals on pet supplies online doesn’t mean choosing the first website that sells the items and submitting payment. Many of these websites also offer discounts on top of the free shipping. Once you have a few names of websites that sell the items you need, do an internet search for that company and add the words coupon code to the search. If you are lucky you could find a promo code worth up to 25% off your order. That will result in huge savings on all your pet supplies.

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