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Posted on 03. Nov, 2015 by in Family, Home

ks2Direct TV Offers Programming that is More Reasonable than Cable

I was uncertain whether or not getting a satellite dish was worth the extra expense, but my husband wanted one so I went along with the idea. I am so glad I didn’t argue with him on this, because he certainly knew what he was talking about. Direct TV is a fabulous company to work with and they are cheaper than the cable company. So going with them was a win for us!

Will Trees be an Issue?
Sometimes the tree is in just the right spot and it will work regardless of it. They are a great team with honest people and if it doesn’t work in your case, then they won’t install.We were lucky, they were able to get a perfect signal. Now at my brother in-laws house, it was the opposite. They were not able to get a signal. There needs to be a clear view of the southern sky. They don’t charge to check it out. So I definitely would recommend calling them to find out more.

Customer Service

If you have not had the pleasure of working with DirecTV before I know you will be happy. They have put together a first class group of people who take calls. They are there to answer any questions you might have and if you are interested they will get you on the schedule. They are well versed in all the different packages and options. They will talk to you about what kind of shows you like, if you have kids and if you are someone who watches a lot of sports. They even offer an NFL Sunday ticket. In fact that is why my brother in-law wanted to get a dish in the first place. Now he’s over here because we have the Sunday ticket.


The technicians that they send out to your home are well trained. They are there to answer all of your questions about the install. They are the experts and will tell you where the best place is to put the dish. I was very impressed when they went to my brother in laws house, because they were very honest. They told him that they could go ahead and install it but that the signal was very weak so they recommended against it.

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