Controlling Ticks and Mosquitos

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Don’t get me wrong, with Spring here and Summer just around the corner, there’s not a better time for weather! After those cold winter months, it’s nice to feel the sun on your face and the warm breeze in your hair. The warm up also means that it is time to spend some time outdoors! Being cooped up all winter long can take it’s toll on a person. But, when spending large quantities of time outdoors for the first time in a while, there’s definitely somethings to keep in mind.

Warm Weather means that it is mosquito weather. Those pesky little creatures seem to be lurking everywhere! You’ll hear the buzz, feel a pinch, and next thing you know you are scratching away. You’ve been bit by a mosquito! If you and your family plan on spending a lot of time outdoors then a spray of the yard with a mosquito repellent solution is ideal. This way the family can enjoy bonfires, play time, and many more activities without worrying about those annoying bugs. All natural spray is another idea, especially for the families who lead those types of lifestyles.

Equally as bad as mosquitos are ticks. Ticks are not to be messed with. Spend too much time in the grass or out in nature, and next thing you know – you could spy the scary little black thing crawling on your skin.

There’s some easy steps to take, however, for tick control. Tick tubes are great because they are placed in the environment, and there’s an insecticide on the cotton inside. Mice like to collect that cotton to make beds with, and since ticks like to get their first blood from a mouse, they are exposed to that cotton and are eliminated.

It’s very important to eliminate both of these. Mosquitos can carry disease, and ticks can too. Lyme disease which comes from ticks is nothing to laugh at. It is so much better to be prepared for that upcoming summer than to take any chances. If your family has a special event coming up such as a wedding, graduation, birthday, or anything of the sort that will be outside – consider protecting everyone by eliminating the mosquitos and the ticks.

Overall, it’s easy to take preventative measures against these insects. You just have to make the effort, and in the long run it’s worth it. Keeping your family safe is the number one thing, and there are measures out there that ensure their ssafety.

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