Checking your Heating System

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If you are like me, you wouldn’t know the first thing to do when you have a problem with your heating, ventilation or air conditioning. That is why it is important to have an HVAC specialist you can turn to for advice. So what can an HVAC specialist do to help you?

First of all we need to understand that they are trained and are skilled to service environmental comforts in an individual’s home or place of business. They spend most of their time on routine maintenance of air conditioners or heating units making sure they are working as efficiently as they can. This is important not only for your utility bills to be cost effective, but also to help ensure that future problems don’t come up in the units. By regularly checking on them, you can avoid big catastrophes from happening. In air conditioner units they want to make sure all the parts are working well, and the filters are regularly cleaned. It is also important that air conditioner units are properly winterized for the colder months of the year when they aren’t in use. In heating units they make sure you and your family are safe from carbon monoxide leaks, check the thermocouples, adjust flame stages, and test for gas leaks. Checking your heating system is especially important on an annual basis just before Winter. Although a lot of the time maintaining your heating system is simple, and you won’t run into many problems that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be concerned with its wellbeing. Keep in mind that dirt is the biggest enemy of your heating system. A build up of dirt can cause lower efficiency of your system and the wasting of fuel. Definitely not something you want. Keeping your system free of dust and dirt should be a top priority. Make sure to focus on the three main areas including the filter system, the blower and of course the motor itself. The filter should be replaced annually, and cleaned each month during the Winter if you are continuously using heat. If you have an oil burning heating system then a good way to check to see if things are working properly is to keep an eye on the smoke from the chimney. If you notice that this is black, your furnace isn’t burning the oil completely and as a result fuel is being wasted. Oil burner repair can be done by an HVAC specialist or someone like The Burner-Man Inc. They are licensed and insured to help you keep your heating system working so give them a call today.

If you ask me, there are many ways in which an HVAC specialist can help you. These can either be individuals who work as independent contractors or they can be employees of a larger company. We have discussed repairing issues, but HVAC specialists are also prepared to help you install systems as well. They are proficient in reading blueprints of how to successfully install these products, and know how to best prepare the area for installation. They will also help to ensure that all the installation work is in compliance with local laws and regulations. They are your go to for heating questions and concerns.



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